Coordination, collaboration, and constant communication between leaders will be critical to making your restart a success. 

If your business is about to come online after a mandated shutdown, one of the biggest challenges you face is not knowing exactly what you face. Your customers and suppliers have likely been shut down as well, and they probably won’t ramp up again at exactly the same pace as you do. New safety practices and their impact on your workforce also need to be considered. In short, your first few weeks are going to be an adjustment process. Remaining flexible and keeping communication lines open between everyone on your leadership team are absolute musts. 

In this new article, our executive leaders Bill Remy, John Ferguson, and Gary Hoover,share suggestions for what each department head needs to consider in the first 30 days. We provide advice on how to bring your team together and create a working plan for executing effectively during your first few months back in business. 

Download the article on restarting manufacturing operations for insight into how your leaders can: 

  • Determine short term demand and adjust to a manufacture-to-order mindset 
  • Evaluate changes to your supplier base and rethink inventory mix 
  • Establish a realistic ramp up scheduled and hourly targets that factor in employee safety 
  • Create an equipment start-up checklist and plan for needed repairs 
  • Implement safe working policies and ensure the facility is ready to welcome back employees