Who is TBM

TBM Consulting is a global operations and supply chain consulting firm that serves manufacturers, distributors, service organizations, private equity firms and their portfolio companies. 

We specialize in operational excellence, supply chain management, human capital strategy, private equity value creation, digital manufacturing, and management system implementation.

Meet the Team

150 +

Hands-on with a bias for action.


Globally positioned to support large- footprint, multi- national clients in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific

25 +

Our Senior Management Consultants have worked in C-Suite roles, as operations executives, or as continuous improvement leaders

A Recognized Leader

For client impact, depth of expertise, and ability to execute a broad array of projects across the full spectrum of client contexts.

3 - 5 x

You can expect a minimum 3-5X return on any consulting engagement and you should start seeing benefits in as little as 60-90 days.

Our Mantra: Speed Wins Every Time

Speed is a core advantage in business. We base everything we do on this fundamental belief. The degree to which your company prioritizes speed is reflected by your culture and management systems. We have prioritized time- based management (a.k.a. TBM) since our founding 30+ years ago. 

Now, more than ever, it is a good time to consider what speed means for your business and how your company could benefit by being faster, more responsive, and agile.

Lean DNA: It’s in Our Blood

TBM was a pioneer in bringing lean principles to US manufacturing over 30 years ago. Many of our early client successes are documented in Jim Womack’s book, Lean Thinking. Our lean heritage runs deep and we use lean tools and in our engagements every day. 

You achieve immediate increases in operational speed, agility, and problem-solving skills that empower your business to respond to opportunities faster than your peers, paving the way to continuous improvement and profitable growth.

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TBM makes an immediate impact on your business with operational performance improvements that rapidly, dramatically, and sustainably accelerate value creation.


We assist companies worldwide to achieve growth in sales and earnings using Time-Based Strategies.


  • Our highest priority is customer satisfaction.
  • Always deliver superior value to customers to enhance their value.
  • Integrity, social responsibility, accountability, and respect for individuals must not be
  • Employees must be treated with respect and provided opportunities for growth,
    fulfillment, and a high-performance, fun environment.
  • Encourage innovation, creativity, and collaborative risk-taking.

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