Operational Diagnostics

Quantify Improvement Impact

Discover where you have big opportunities to improve productivity, reduce costs, free up cash, liberate space, improve quality, or other initiatives that drive profitable growth. Then achieve the highest-impact improvements in the shortest amount of time. TBM works to quickly and accurately diagnose operational challenges and map out your future state and go-forward plan.

Targeted Performance Improvement

Make Focused Improvements in 90-180 Days

When something stands in the way of meeting essential delivery, quality, capacity, profitability, or safety goals, TBM works at the point of impact to make rapid, sustainable improvements. We help you tackle your most pressing inventory, throughput, supply chain efficiency, warehouse/distribution, value engineering, or new product development challenges. And we help you drive immediate improvements in efficiency, costs, and profitable growth.

Rapid Transformation

Significant Financial Impact in 12-18 Months 

Ready to get aggressive with improvement priorities? TBM supports high-intensity improvements in manufacturing operations, supply chain, or back-office process improvements designed to drive immediate gains in safety, quality, delivery or cost that quickly show up on the P&L or balance sheet. We define the scope, compress the timeline, and embed leaders to roll out improvements with a focus on increasing internal capability to sustain the gains.   

Lean Transformation

Become a Competitive Powerhouse in 18-24 Months

TBM supports your enterprise-wide business transformation, embedding a lean mindset to drive continuous improvement.  We marry lean with the right technologies to take operational performance improvement beyond the surface level. Our Lean 4.0 approach optimizes all available resources and exploits every opportunity for your company to make sustainable gains.

Cost Out /
Cash Flow

Free Up Millions

Make significant improvements to productivity, efficiency, output, inventory, receivables, floor space, quality, or energy consumption with the potential to free up millions in annualized savings. TBM leverages traditional lean strategies and the right advanced technologies to improve your agility in the short term while competitively positioning you for long-term achievement.

Back Office Transformation

Optimize Administrative Processes

Drive improvements in transactional and administrative processes throughout your business, including HR, financial, sales and marketing, customer service, and product development. We position you to grow your business and improve service without increasing SG&A.

Maintenance Excellence

Keep Machines Running at Full Capacity 

Equipment maintenance issues can derail your ability to profitably meet customer expectations. TBM helps you implement data-driven maintenance excellence strategies and maintenance leadership to optimize assets, maximize throughput, satisfy customer demand, and control costs. Learn more about our Maintenance Excellence Practice →

10 - 15 %

15 %

15 - 20 %

Service shop network shifts from negative double-digit profitability to +8% in just seven months thanks to strong leadership engagement, employee participation, lean best practices, and management system.


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