Manufacturing Technology Can Help Manufacturers Work Safer and Smarter During the Global Pandemic and Beyond

Topics addressed in this article:

  • As the world shifts to remote working to promote social distancing, manufacturers are looking for ways to apply these concepts within an environment that's traditionally very hands-on and face-to face.
  • Leveraging your digital management system--or using your downtime to put one in place--can help your employees stay connected to each other and the business even when close physical contact isn't safe.
  • Digital management systems can help manufacturers navigate the current crisis while positioning them for greater levels of success well into the future.

As more states issue Stay at Home or Shelter in Place orders in response to COVID-19, many manufacturing and distribution companies are pausing operations, reducing staffs, or moving to A/B days. Others, considered essential to the economy and the continued delivery of healthcare, are required to continue operating in some capacity. How ever your daily work is changing, it’s probably becoming clear that social distancing isn’t easy to enforce in environments where hands-on work is critical.

A digital management system can keep employees connected, even when they are apart.

We’re seeing more and more manufacturers lean on their digital management systems to stay connected and productive right now. These technologies aggregate and visualize critical performance data and allow managers and employees to view information on their devices or on screens located throughout the facility.  Beyond enabling remote work and promoting social distancing within facilities, a digital management system is the key to promoting greater visibility and transparency across your business. Read the article to learn about the three ways technology can be used to promote safety and productivity in this in this new world of social distancing and working from home.