Quickly uncover synergies and savings opportunities that can lower your internal deal multiple and reduce your risk. Capitalize on the full value creation opportunity by implementing a customized roadmap and go-forward plan for accelerating performance improvements, achieving targeted EBITDA improvements, and driving top line growth.

Speed has never been more important in the world of private equity

Now more than ever, with fewer deals and more operational uncertainty, private equity firms must act quickly to take advantage of opportunities and optimize the return on every investment.

Pre- and post-deal support is key to optimizing private equity value creation

As the experts in middle market private equity, TBM offers more than two decades of private equity expertise and a team of 150 seasoned operations consultants including senior management consultants with an average of 25+ years of experience in operations management, C-suite, or continuous improvement leadership roles. We work closely with dozens of private equity firms and hundreds of mid-sized portfolio companies around the world to accelerate private equity value creation.

Since 2017, we have helped portfolio companies identify and capture more than $350M in EBITDA benefits using our proven approach for uncovering the full potential of a deal and quickly capturing value.

Pre-Deal Operational Due Diligence

Our private equity consultants conduct rapid pre-deal operational due diligence to assess a target company’s operational capabilities across six critical dimensions—leadership, asset condition, lean maturity, management system, quality, and sales and operations planning. Our seasoned consultants and analysts can assess the operational risk, size up the full potential, surface any red flags, and validate your investment premise. Each due diligence examination is tailored to your timeline and scope as well as data availability to deliver your desired level of intensity and help you confidently pull the trigger on a deal.

Post-Deal Value Creation

We dive deeply and work rapidly during the post-deal phases of value creation to help you realize the deal’s long term potential in the shortest timeframe.

Diagnostic Assessment 

During an in-depth diagnostic assessment, we work on site to fully quantify improvement opportunities and establish a detailed value creation roadmap for unlocking them. You get a detailed go-forward plan for expediting the specific performance improvements that will increase operating profits, free up working capital, and drive revenue growth.


TBM leads the implementation of your value creation plan, working hands-on at the point of impact. Our operational due diligence work can include management system implementation for effective execution, embedding strategic resources to drive efforts, instilling operational excellence processes, developing leaders, and leveraging technologies. Progress is made daily and reported weekly.

Exit Preparation

As the holding period winds down and the exit date nears, TBM consultants push the pedal down to achieve specific sell-side operational targets, maximize EBITDA enhancements, sustain improvements, and remove any operational roadblocks to the sale.

Unlock, amplify, and accelerate improvements in EBITDA.

TBM helps move the needle on operational performance right away with the goal of rapidly, dramatically, and sustainably improving the value of PE companies. By identifying and then quickly capitalizing on significant value creation opportunities to improve business performance, you can realize your targeted EBITDA improvements, typically 20 to 30%, while driving top line growth for the best possible return.

To learn more, contact the TBM middle market private equity experts:

Gary Hoover, Vice President, Global Private Equity Practice

Jeff Klapp, Managing Director, New Business

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When assessing a new portfolio company, the greatest opportunities for value creation can also have high risk potential. Identify your critical operational due diligence examination areas now.

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