Operational Due Diligence

Execute Deals with Confidence 

PE consultants conduct rapid due diligence, providing a current state view of the portfolio company along with key experiential insights. We assess operational risk, size up full potential, surface red flags, quantify value creation themes, and validate your investment premise. We tailor the work to your timeline, scope, and data availability to deliver the desired intensity and help you confidently pull the trigger on a deal.


Realize Long-Term Potential in the Shortest Timeframe

TBM identifies and quantifies improvement priorities through an in-depth diagnostic assessment. We then establish a detailed value creation roadmap and lead the go-forward plan. We implement improvements, embed or develop leaders, and leverage technologies to expedite increases in operating profits, working capital, and growth.

for Sale

Achieve Sell-Side Operational Targets

As the holding period winds down and the exit date nears, TBM consultants help you push the pedal down to achieve specific sell-side operational targets. We work with your team to maximize EBITDA enhancements, reduce working capital, and remove any operational roadblocks to the sale to ensure your exit is as smooth and profitable as possible.

150 +

300 +

$ 2 B

Private Equity - Creating Value Moving Forward

Speed has never been more important in the world of private equity

Now more than ever, with fewer deals and more operational uncertainty, private equity firms must act quickly to take advantage of opportunities and optimize the return on every investment.

PE-backed portco accelerates value capture by prioritizing the right improvements to set the stage for aggressive value creation. Diagnostic identifies $90 million in EBITDA achievable in 12-15 months with supporting go-forward implementation plan.


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Vice President, Global Private Equity Practice

Gary has over 30 years of experience working as a senior operations executive, a management consultant and military officer.

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Download the Private Equity Services Info Sheet


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