Finding, hiring, developing and retaining top-tier operational and supply chain leaders has never been more challenging. 

Excellence in operations and supply chain leadership begins with a solid understanding of what sets a leader apart in these critical roles. Our Leadership Solutions practice helps you hone in on the unique skill sets you need and embed the strategic resources and capabilities to drive productivity results today and tomorrow. We help you make the right human capital investments both short and long-term to establish an unbeatable A team and put your organization’s operational future in the most capable hands. 

With an increasingly tighter labor market, stiffer competition, and the pace of advanced technology changing the ways things are done, no manufacturer or distributor is immune to the growing skills gap in the industry. Securing the right operational and supply chain leaders to drive your business toward rapid results often takes more time and resources than you have to spare. Many organizations simply ‘make do’ with resources that might not be the ideal fit or have yet to be fully developed. 

Move beyond ‘good enough’ and establish a team capable of accelerating business performance. 

TBM’s comprehensive approach to operations and supply chain leadership addresses both your immediate talent needs and your long-term goals.

Our leadership solutions practice provides support for assessing current capabilities, filling immediate gaps, and developing the internal infrastructure to establish your organization’s competitive advantage in operational leadership: 

  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Embedded Resources
  • Enhanced Talent Management Processes

Leadership Development. Build the right skills to drive operational excellence. 

Truly transformational operations and supply chain change agents aren’t born—they’re made. The evolution must start with knowledge of the specific capabilities it takes to drive operational improvements and effectively manage supply chain dynamics. As the proven experts in these areas, TBM translates its knowledge of process rigor, operational effectiveness, and supply chain optimization to help you evaluate, develop, and motivate your existing operational leaders, whether you’re building leadership within your own organization or in a new acquisition or portfolio company.

Beginning with a diagnostic assessment to uncover your organization’s human capital leadership risk and opportunity and assess the impact of change, we use the findings to customize our bootcamps, academies, coaching, and mentoring to align with individual leaders’ and organization’s needs. Each offering is designed to embed leadership process rigor and establish a team capable of driving the initiatives and changes needed to sustain performance.

Strategic Embedded Resources. Bring established change agents to functional leadership roles.  

Business transformation and leadership change aren’t easy. TBM can help streamline and expedite the process by quickly ingratiating experienced change agents where they are needed most. We maintain a team of veteran professionals with hands-on operational and supply chain expertise who can step into functional leadership roles within days to support your immediate needs for leadership and transformation.

Our change agents can help by:

  • Bridging critical leadership vacancies in the organization chart  
  • Adding bench strength to a weakened operations or supply chain department to help quickly turn around performance 
  • Coaching and mentoring emerging leaders, embedding leadership skills and internal capabilities for the long term 
  • Establishing a go-forward plan for accelerating performance
  • Providing the specific expertise to lead short- or medium-term project assignments and circumvent operational bottlenecks 
  • Acting as a force multiplier to magnify the impact of our consultants, ensuring the internal support and structure is in place to make the engagement a long-term success  
  • Standing in during a confidential replacement 

Talent Management Process. Create an environment that attracts and nurtures the best operational talent.

Developing talent management best practices that specifically align with the needs of your organization’s operational and supply chain functions is becoming increasingly critical to long-term success. However, traditional HR consulting firms often lack the “in the plant” operational experience necessary to help you sustain a leadership edge. 

At TBM, we know your business better than anyone. We use our knowledge of what makes or breaks operational and supply chain leaders to help you optimize your recruiting, hiring, and onboarding best practices and internal processes for each component of your operations. With the right HR competencies, you’ll attract better caliber candidates from the start, and then unlock their full performance potential. And you’ll position your organization for a competitive advantage in operational leadership that will fuel your success for the long term.  


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