Attract, develop, and retain operational and supply chain leaders capable of accelerating business performance.

Achieving excellence in operations and supply chain leadership can give your organization a powerful competitive advantage in an industry that’s settling for mediocrity. Our Leadership Solutions practice empowers manufacturing organizations to reject the status quo and build a sustainable culture of operational leadership excellence. Grounded in decades of experience leading high-performance manufacturing operations, our approach focuses on three keys to rapidly and systematically establishing your organization’s leadership capability:

  • Develop existing leaders to drive immediate productivity results
  • Embed resources to spearhead large-scale change
  • Improve talent management processes to support long-term leadership excellence and business performance

Develop existing leaders: Build the right skills to drive operational excellence.

Truly transformational operations and supply chain change agents aren’t born—they’re made. But too often in middle market manufacturing organizations, leaders don’t know what excellence looks like because they simply haven’t seen it before. Through a process that combines our proprietary Leadership Assessment with hands-on, shoulder-to-shoulder coaching and daily operational management system discipline, TBM empowers your manufacturing leaders with the tools, behaviors, and technical and managerial capabilities they need to excel in a high performing environment.

Embed strategic resources: Engage established change agents to drive rapid improvement.

When a performance problem in your organization needs to turn around right now, an embedded resource is the key to making change happen fast. Our executive leadership solutions consultants have walked in your shoes before, and they are ready to step in within days, bringing hands-on operational and supply chain expertise to the table to support your immediate needs for leadership and transformation. Our change agents help by:

  • Bridging critical leadership vacancies in the organization chart
  • Adding bench strength to a weakened operations or supply chain logistics department to help quickly turn around performance
  • Coaching and mentoring emerging leaders, embedding manufacturing leadership skills and internal capabilities for the long term
  • Establishing a go-forward plan for accelerating performance
  • Providing the specific expertise to lead short- or medium-term project assignments and circumvent operational bottlenecks
  • Acting as a force multiplier to magnify the impact of our consultants, ensuring the internal support and structure is in place to make the engagement a long-term success
  • Standing in during a confidential replacement

Improve talent management processes: Create an environment that attracts and nurtures the best operational talent.

To find the high-caliber leadership candidates, you need to know where to look and be ready to move fast. To keep them, you need to compensate talent competitively and give your leaders a path for growth. TBM works with you and your team to streamline and implement processes and best practices that make recruiting operational leadership more proactive, effective, efficient and that helps ensure your high-level players won’t want to leave. With the right talent competencies, you’ll attract better caliber team members from the start, onboard them more quickly, and unlock their full performance potential–solidifying your leadership capability and preserving your leadership excellence advantage for the long term.

Build an unbeatable operational leadership team and put your organization’s future in the most capable hands.

Manufacturers and distributors simply can’t win without the right people in operations and supply chain leadership roles. Our executive leadership solutions practice helps you move past the ‘good enough’ mentality to get your top team right, right now, while strengthening organizational leadership capability for an advanced level of executional effectiveness well into the future.

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