A clear connection exists between human capital management and superior operational performance. By improving human capital practices across all levels of the organization, manufacturers create a sustainable advantage that drives operational productivity and improves quality, on-time-delivery, throughput, and other critical operational targets.

Improve talent management processes from the top floor to the shop floor.

Achieving excellence in operations and supply chain leadership and front-line talent can give your organization a powerful competitive advantage. The TBM approach to human capital excellence empowers manufacturing organizations to become world class employers. We help you develop high-value leaders capable of motivating and growing a winning team. And we help you attract, onboard, train, and retain cross-functional front-line employees who are committed to getting the job done right. The result is a sustainable culture of operational excellence that’s championed by every member of your team.

Gain a comprehensive picture of your talent structure—and how it needs to evolve.

Companies that struggle with high turnover and absenteeism realize they have a talent management issue. What’s harder to understand is the link between missed operational targets and poor talent management practices. But the connection almost always exists.

Our Leadership Solutions practice helps you better understand this link through our proprietary Change Readiness Assessment and “What Good Looks Like” profiles. Together, we explore the six critical dimensions of successful operational talent management—technical capabilities, leadership capabilities, culture, organizational structure, talent management, and human capital risks. And we identify the gaps and operational inefficiencies that prevent you from managing and optimizing human capital performance at all levels of your organization. Leveraging these insights, we work with you to create and quickly implement a go-forward plan for improving processes and closing the gaps, so you can begin quickly developing the performance-driven team you need to succeed.

Achieve rapid results with immediately-implementable strategies.

Our Leadership Solutions consultants are committed to improving your talent management processes right away by working at the point of impact with your operational and supply chain teams. We help you address your immediate and long-term human capital needs at all levels of the organization.

  • We help you rethink recruiting strategies to expedite talent acquisition and improve onboarding, working to reduce open requisitions by as much as 50% in as little as three months.
  • We support your leaders in quickly honing and putting into place the techniques, behaviors, and workforce plans proven to drive better performance from every member of your team, rapidly increasing productivity by up to 15%
  • We help you evolve processes and mindsets, engaging your employees at every step, to sustain your new performance-driven culture.
  • We often use strategic embedded resources to work alongside your people and accelerate the transformation so you can get to the results more quickly.

Build an unbeatable operational team and put your organization’s future in the most capable hands.

You simply can’t win without the right people in operations and supply chain roles. Our Leadership Solutions practice helps you get your team right, right now so you can realize the better business results you seek and sustain them long term.

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