Learn What Good Looks Like

Our proprietary Change Readiness assessments and “What Good Looks Like” profiles empower you to identify gaps and inefficiencies in talent management practices that prevent you from optimizing human capital performance across your organization. We then quickly implement a go-forward plan to begin developing the performance-driven team that will set your business apart. 

Leadership Development

Develop High-Value Leaders

TBM supports your leaders in quickly honing and putting into place the techniques, behaviors, and workforce plans proven to drive better performance from every member of your team. Rapidly increase productivity by up to 15% by coaching and developing high-value leaders and cultivating the technical and managerial skills needed to motivate a winning team. 


Create a Customized Change Management Plan

Achieving human capital excellence typically requires wide-scale cultural change. Processes and mindsets must evolve to create and sustain a new performance-driven culture where operational excellence is championed by every member of your team. To get there, TBM works with you to customize and implement a change management plan designed to establish the talent structure, discipline, and capabilities that drive winning culture while engaging employees at every step.

Talent Management Strategies

Attract and Retain Top-Tier Talent

We help you think outside of the normal HR paradigm to address high turnover and absenteeism with tailored, innovative approaches to recruiting, onboarding, training, and development. Leverage talent management best practices in each area to quickly eliminate open requisitions and build a motivated, cross-functional team from the shop floor to the top floor.

Strategic Embedded Resources

Embed Interim Leadership Team Members

Sometimes you need someone who can step in and lead the charge. Our veteran consultants do just that. They become part of your team for a limited period, working shoulder to shoulder with your people to accelerate results, transfer knowledge, and grow internal capabilities so you can maintain momentum in the long term.

10 - 15 %

25 - 50 %


Operational improvements double output and boost contribution margins by $5 million in a rapid turnaround. HR revamp rapidly fills job vacancies and dramatically reduces turnover.

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Vice President, Leadership Solutions Practice

Shannon Gabriel is Vice President of TBM’s Leadership Solutions practice where she leads the organization’s comprehensive approach to operational leadership and change management by assessing current leadership capabilities, gaps, or risks.

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Download the Leadership Solutions Info Sheet


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