5 Ops Due Diligence Hot Spots that Matter Most to Value Creation

Multiples grow higher while due diligence windows become shorter.  At the same time, there is more to consider with newly exposed risks and opportunities that were not on the radar 18 months ago.

TBM private equity practice leaders, Gary Hoover, Ranjith Rajendran, and Jeff Klapp, identified five operational due diligence hot spots in their newest article for private equity executives. They provide insights, based on their hands-on operational experience, into what, specifically, to observe and analyze within these focus areas during limited due diligence timeframes. And they offer snapshots of firms that have quickly moved the needle on value creation post-close by pulling the levers that matter most.

Operations due diligence areas are becoming more critical in today's environment:

  1. Daily Management Practices
  2. Sourcing and Inventory Strategies
  3. Site Leadership Capabilities
  4. Labor Availability and Best Practices
  5. CapEx and Automation

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