At TBM, it’s in our DNA to make improvements that provide the biggest and fastest impact. We believe in working hands-on, shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who understand these critical needs best. This philosophy isn’t just reserved for the businesses we serve. We put it into action in the communities where we work, live, and play, too. And the results we help generate—changing lives, strengthening communities, and preserving the earth, to name a few— represent some of the most rewarding and important work we do.

Social responsibility has always been part of our corporate values and mission. It’s important to our people on an individual level, too, and we’re proud of our employees’ long and strong history of volunteerism and charitable giving.

To support this, we’ve created a Charitable Giving program, which helps organize our response to the various needs in our communities while maximizing the impact of our corporate and individual gifts.

The TBM Charitable Giving program has three important components:

1. Matching Gifts to the Charities Our Employees Choose to Support

TBM consultants and employees live and work all over the country. And they support a wide range of local and national charitable organizations that do critical work and meet important needs in their communities. To show support for our employees’ interests, passions, and generosity, TBM will gladly match individual employees’ gifts, up to $250, made to qualifying nonprofits that provide social services, research, education, or environmental services.

2. Support and Recognition of Volunteerism

Volunteering not only helps nonprofit organizations make needed change in our communities, it changes us as individuals, too; widening our perspective, enhancing our outlook, and making us more adept problem solvers and team contributors. We’re proud of the countless hours our associates give to local charities and value the impact their work has on the lives of others, no matter how big or small the charge.

3. Financial Support and Active Involvement with a Charity in the Raleigh/Durham Area--the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC

TBM is proud to support the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, a nonprofit that provides food for people at risk of hunger in 34 North Carolina counties. Through our partnership, we will be participating in a Virtual Food Drive that allows TBM staff, clients, contractors, suppliers, and partners to ‘shop’ online for the foods most needed by the Food Bank. We’ll also be making a financial gift to the Food Bank to help support its critical programs. In addition, TBM staff will volunteer in the local food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters that the organization supports.

In the 34 counties the Food Bank serves, nearly 600,000 people struggle to get enough to eat every day, a third of whom are children. The Food Bank works to combat the food insecurity problem by making nutritious food available to families, children, and seniors through a network of more than 800 partner organizations.

TBMers in the Community:  How We Give. What We Gain.

Here’s a look at how some of our employees are dedicating their time and talents to make our world a better place. 

Bill Remy, President and CEO
Saving Lives—Whatever It Takes 
Bill began volunteering at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter, located in Phoenix, Arizona, in May 2019. He works with other trained volunteers to take dogs for walks, hand out treats, and even do their laundry from time to time. He’s also helped with the shelter’s air lift days, where animals are boarded onto planes to be transferred to other partner shelters that don’t have enough animals to fill the adoption demand in their areas. He enjoys being part of an organization that’s committed to doing the right thing for the community and the animals, many of which haven’t had the easiest of lives. “Dogs are kind of like people,” he says. “They are all good dogs, some of them just have a little baggage they need help working through.”

Bob Brennan, Managing Director, Private Equity Practice
The Power of a Wish 
Bob first started working with Make-A-Wish® Foundation in 2005. He is a trained Wish Grantor and has had the privilege of playing a hands-on role in making several children’s dreams come true. In addition, Bob served on the organization’s Advisory Board for three years, giving him additional opportunities to be involved and bring joy to the lives of sick children and their families. “In meeting a Wish child, you are reminded that despite great adversity, they simply seek the same things healthy children want—to play with their friends, go to school, play with their pets, and spend time with family,” he says. “Whatever role you play in making a wish come true, you not only uplift the child, your own spirit gets an incredible boost, too.”  

Help Us Make a Difference

Interested in getting involved in our charitable work? As a TBM contractor, client, supplier, or partner, you’re invited to participate in our Virtual Food Drive to support the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.