Our operations software enables effective execution so you get better results, faster.

You know that an enormous amount of data exists throughout your enterprise. Data that can help you make better, faster decisions, become a more flexible and responsive organization, and capture the next level of productivity improvements. The problem lies in how to quickly mine the important and actionable information from multiple disparate systems, and how to separate the usable insights from the background noise.

Leverage technology to increase operational speed and generate double-digit productivity gains.

Technology is key to rapidly converting the data you have into fact-based information that can be used to enable operational excellence, continuous improvement, and rapid growth. But not all technologies are created equal. TBM offers an unbiased, strategic approach for leveraging the right technologies and small data that deliver the greatest business value.

We help you use existing technologies better and implement new operations software as needed to get quick access to the right data and translate that data into usable information. Then we coach you on how to use the insights gained to more efficiently solve problems, reduce costs, and drive profitability in your business.

By focusing on technology centered on operational speed, we help you get the edge on your competitors by making more informed decisions, taking action sooner, and capitalizing on opportunities faster. And that speed can translate into double-digit productivity gains for your business.

Our Preferred Technologies:

TBM focuses on the following enabling technologies and operating software:

  • Dploy® Solutions: Our proprietary software suite of operational excellence tools is built to work in tandem with the TBM Management System. Dploy Solutions automates process rigor to support strategy deployment, KPI management, project management, and daily operations management. By aggregating data, improving data visualization and accountability, and instilling a systematic approach to problem solving and executional effectiveness, Dploy Solutions drives sustainable performance improvements and increases operating profit by at least 10%. Learn more about Dploy Solutions.

  • River Logic: TBM Consulting recently partnered with River Logic, a Gartner-recognized technology leader in both Prescriptive Analytics and Sales and Operations planning. River Logic has developed an innovative Platform for delivering cross-functional, optimization-based prescriptive analytics solutions specifically built for business leaders rather than Data Scientists. With TBM Consulting's expertise in understanding where to quickly and successfully apply prescriptive analytics in the decision-making process, TBM Consulting is now able to offer the most cutting-edge technology to help address its clients' most difficult yet impactful decision-making challenges

  • Supply Chain Sciences: TBM leverages this web-based service to help your business optimize working capital investment and achieve the lowest possible cost to serve. The technology provides “what-if” scenario planning and modeling to help you evaluate the impact of various working capital, services level, warehouse utilization, load modeling, and capacity planning decisions and strategies. To learn more, watch our inventory management video.

  • Symmedian Technologies, Inc.: This network optimization tool leverages real estate, operational, and freight costs against both supplier and customer shipment locations. We use it to help you design or redesign the most efficient network by using “what-if” scenario planning and cost modeling.

  • Activ Technologies: We can help you get better front end supply chain visibility with this tool for detecting and managing supplier lead times and measuring supplier production and performance. The tool can also help you evaluate and identity optimal inventory levels, determine appropriate planning parameters for ERP and supply chain planning solutions, and implement new inventory management policies and practices.

TBM is continually evaluating other emerging technologies and developing new operations software for process improvement that support connectivity and better execution within your business. Some areas of exploration include 3D printing, IoT/Industry 4.0 Solutions, new product development technologies, and supporting supply chain technologies.

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