Digital Transformation Roadmaps

Drive Pragmatic Transformation

Achieving business gains through technology takes intention. We help you start with the end in mind—your desired outcomes and the value you hope to achieve. Then we define milestones and requirements along the way. A detailed roadmap and a Lean 4.0 mindset make it easier to keep your digital manufacturing journey on track, stay in control of your investment, and ultimately achieve your business goals.


Vetting IIoT

Strategically Invest for Success

TBM offers an objective view for leveraging technologies that deliver the greatest business value for your operations. We help you fulfill operational and smart manufacturing goals by carefully vetting and investing incrementally in digital and IIoT solutions. And we help you choose management systems, analytics, and process automation that support increased capacity, new revenue creation, and competitive advantage while eliminating bottlenecks and reducing direct costs.


Project Management & Implementation

Put Technology to Work to Drive Rapid Results

TBM technology consultants support your team throughout the entire process of implementing and managing new digital transformation technology. From building the business case, to supporting the install, to training your team, to evaluating pilots and scaling programs, we ensure your technology delivers the results and value you expect.

Lean 4.0

Combine IIoT and Lean for Better Results

Lean 4.0 is the marriage between lean process discipline, Industry 4.0, and enabling digital manufacturing technologies. Use it to increase the productivity of all assets and eliminate the hidden sources of waste keeping you from achieving business goals.  Lean 4.0 creates a connected workforce, connected factory, and connected supply chain, generating up to 20% more business improvement for most manufacturers.

80 %


20 - 25 %

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