Supply Chain Assessment

Diagnose, Quantify, and Prioritize

Overcoming supply disruptions requires flexibility and resiliency to ensure competitive requirements are met in any operating environment. TBM dives deep, leveraging data and analytics to determine the ideal balance between service levels, cost, risk, and regulatory concerns. Our diagnostic exercise identifies weaknesses and areas for immediate improvement, laying the groundwork for your end-to-end supply chain strategy. 

Supplier Management

Optimize Supplier Performance

Profitably meeting customers’ needs in a timely fashion is not as easy as it once was. TBM helps define and operationalize a sourcing strategy that mitigates global supply chain risk. We qualify and audit suppliers, manage relationships and performance, and implement targeted supplier improvements. And we work with suppliers to increase in-bound supply chain visibility and keep you ahead of disruptions.

Sourcing and Procurement

Be Cost Effective and Mitigate Risk

Sourcing and Procurement goes beyond getting a good price and chasing unit cost. Drive total cost, flexibility, and reliability to unlock the full value of your strategic metrics. We establish bottom-up processes to match top-down strategic objectives that enable your business to execute its overall business strategy 1-2 years faster to get 10-15% cost out and 95%+ supplier delivery improvement from all suppliers. Learn more about our Sourcing and Procurement Solution. 

Integrated Business Planning / S&OP

Ensure Business Alignment 

Work collaboratively to make better business decisions. TBM shows you how to increase the frequency, intensity, and effectiveness of your cross-functional S&OP processes to help you plan for demand, supply, and inventory and stay a step ahead of disruptions. We help you prioritize S&OP process rigor, improve the quality of inputs, and make the right financial linkages to drive profitability.

Inventory Optimization

Find Your Optimal Balance

Like everything else in the supply chain arena, inventory optimization has become exponentially more challenging. TBM helps you marry process rigor with the right technology, using demand, inventory, and cost-to-serve analysis and “what if” modeling to pinpoint the ideal levels of safety stock and maintain the optimal balance between inventory, service levels, and costs.   

Network Optimization

Create Your Optimal Network Footprint

When you produce and stock the right products, in the right quantities, at the right costs, and in the right locations, you meet customer delivery expectations and reduce working capital while achieving an optimal cost to serve. TBM helps you identify and implement the optimal manufacturing footprint to get and keep this critical balancing act right.

Distribution & Warehouse Optimization

Free Up Space and Resources for Growth

TBM works shoulder to shoulder with your warehouse management teams to optimize warehouse functionality and distribution center management. We assess space utilization, layout and flows, pick paths, slotting strategies, and equipment to identify improvement priorities. And we quickly implement process rigor, technologies, and automation to drive efficiencies and free up resources for profitable growth. 

15 - 30 %

5 - 25 %

5 - 15 %

"We wanted better control over the manufacturing process and believed we could produce the product faster here in the United States as opposed to all the back and forth we experienced with the Chinese manufacturer."

Mark Marinovich
Pacific Handy Cutter Inc.

Download the Supply Chain Info Sheet


Download the Supply Chain Info Sheet


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