Global supply chains are more complex than ever, requiring companies to improve balance on competing factors with services, responsiveness, cost, agility, risk and regulatory concerns chief among them. Upgrading and operationalizing your supply chain strategy to account for your competitive requirements can help your business win in any market conditions.

Supply chain management consulting services designed to modernize your strategy, put it into practice, and accelerate business results.

Global supply chains are not as stable as they once were. Materials shortages and supply chain disruptions are now commonplace. Overcoming these challenges and profitably meeting your customers’ needs in a timely fashion takes a multidimensional strategy that optimizes the supply chain from end to end to keep costs low, while baking in resiliency and flexibility to circumvent current and future challenges and protect your ability to serve in any market conditions. 

Of course, it’s not enough to have a robust strategy that accounts for today’s myriad of challenges and potential problems. You have put it into action, and you need the right talent, technology, and process capabilities in order to execute quickly. 

TBM uses a comprehensive approach to quickly turn supply chain strategy into supply chain execution.

TBM leverages our bias for action to give you more than ideas for improving your supply chain; we help you do the real work that moves the needle in your business.  We start by identifying weaknesses and areas for improvement, leveraging data, analytics, and a deep-dive diagnostic of your supply chain's current state.  We then recommend proven solutions for improvement, develop a go-forward plan, and then get to work implementing the plan to drive business results today and set companies up to keep winning in the future.

The work is end-to-end and enables functions across your supply chain.

To address increased complexity and leverage the best opportunities for optimizing the entire supply chain, we focus on critical areas, starting with your overarching strategy then working across your suppliers, manufacturing facilities, and warehouse and distribution network. 

Where We Work to Operationalize Your Supply Chain


  • Supplier relationship management
  • Sourcing and procurement

Manufacturing Operations

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Inventory optimization

Warehouse & Distribution

  • Logistics and transportation
  • Distribution and warehouse optimization
  • Network review / optimization

Overarching Strategic

  • Technology
  • Integrated business planning / S&OP
  • Talent capabilities

We can address issues in all areas to create and implement a comprehensive supply chain strategy that effectively balances costs, services, risks, and regulations. Or we can hone-in on addressing the specific issues and challenges that are the most critical for driving current and future business wins. Either way, process, people, and technology are always part of the solution, giving you the framework you need to ensure effective operationalization, sustain gains long-term, and drive continuous improvement. 

Improve lead times and working capital while boosting margins up to 15%.


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