Lean Execution

Our comprehensive services include enterprise-wide lean transformation initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency across the entire organization.

We offer certification training for Kaizen Facilitators, Program Leaders, and LeanSigma Green or Black Belts to equip your team with the necessary skills for continuous improvement. Our lean assessments help in conducting program re-sets or tune-ups to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, we focus on improving the connection between operational improvements and financial performance to maximize profitability. Our expertise in facility flow and design optimization ensures that your workspace is arranged for peak efficiency and productivity.

Cost Out

We focus on direct and indirect labor productivity enhancements to ensure optimal workforce performance.

By improving equipment utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), we help maximize machinery efficiency. Our changeover optimization services aim to reduce downtime and increase operational speed. Additionally, we assist in capital avoidance and capacity utilization to better manage resources and investments. Furthermore, our material utilization strategies ensure that resources are used efficiently, minimizing waste and reducing costs.

Quality Improvement

Our services are tailored to achieve the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

We focus on quality and yield improvement to ensure products meet stringent industry standards and performance criteria. By reducing scrap and rework, we help minimize waste and lower production costs. Our expertise in testing accuracy guarantees that all components and systems undergo rigorous and precise evaluation, enhancing reliability and safety. Additionally, we design and implement robust Quality Management Systems (QMS) to ensure consistent adherence to regulatory requirements and continuous improvement in all processes.

Supplier Management

Optimize and enhance your supply chain operations.

We thoroughly analyze the current state of the supplier management process to identify strengths and areas for improvement. By reviewing the current supplier status, we ensure that all partnerships align with your business goals and standards. Through supplier rationalization, we streamline your supplier base to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. We implement lean principles within the supplier network to eliminate waste and improve overall performance. Our supply chain design for resiliency ensures that your operations can withstand disruptions and adapt to changing market conditions. Additionally, our make vs. buy analysis helps determine the most cost-effective and strategic approach for your production needs, ensuring optimal resource allocation and operational efficiency.

Engineering & Product Development

Comprehensive change order optimization to streamline the process of incorporating modifications, ensuring minimal disruption and cost.

Our prototyping services enable rapid development and testing of new concepts, facilitating faster time-to-market. Our lean product design process eliminates waste and enhances efficiency from conception to production. Incorporating principles of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Value Add/Value Engineering (VA/VE), we ensure that products are designed for ease of manufacturing and cost-effectiveness while maintaining high quality. Additionally, our expertise in cycle time reduction helps shorten development timelines and improve overall project efficiency.

TBM helps Carlisle Companies Inc. implement a Lean Management System that links strategic objectives and continuous improvement activities to achieve clear business results across 75 global locations, and growing. 

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