Lean Transformation System

Streamline operations and reduce waste through our Lean Transformation System.

By analyzing and improving workflow efficiency, we help companies minimize production costs, enhance operational flexibility, and achieve consistent quality. Our approach includes optimizing production lines, reducing cycle times, and implementing pull systems to align production with customer demand.

Asset Utilization

Maximize asset performance with our strategic asset management services.

We focus on increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and ensuring preventive and predictive maintenance are carried out efficiently. Our strategies aim to extend equipment life, reduce downtime, and lower maintenance costs while boosting productivity.

Talent & Leadership Solutions

Building robust internal strong and capable workforce.

The sector demands a highly skilled workforce capable of managing advanced technologies and complex processes. We tailor our approach to your human capital needs by quickly improving your organization’s talent capability and culture with innovative ways to find and develop high caliber, motivated employees at all levels of your operations.

Management System

Enhance your management system to drive success in operations.

Our experts collaborate with your team to refine daily management processes, operational leadership, and align Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to essential business metrics, ensuring that strategic objectives are effectively cascaded throughout all organizational levels.

TBM helps Carlisle Companies Inc. implement a Lean Management System that links strategic objectives and continuous improvement activities to achieve clear business results across 75 global locations, and growing. 

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Download the Industrial Info Sheet

Download the PDF

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