TBM Private Equity practice leaders, Gary Hoover and Ranjith Rajendran talk about how rising costs due to inflation can place a drag on PE portcos’ working capital, workforce, profitability and their ongoing investment plans.  In this video, Gary and Ranjith discuss how PE firms should guide their portcos during the due diligence and value creation processes to uncover improvement areas needed to drive growth during the current inflationary environment. Listen to their discussions in the video series below:

Part 1:

Trends in Operational Due Diligence: Validate and Verify (4 min. 30 sec.)


Part 2:

Value Creation Process: Diagnose, Identify True Potential, and Go-forward Plan (5 min. 20 sec.)

Part 3:

Automation: Where do companies go wrong, struggle or make mistakes? (4 min. 18 sec.)

Part 4:

Prepping for Sale: What to think about when the firm is 18 months from exit

Listen to our CEO and other practice leaders' recommendations on how to drive performance and efficiencies in operations, supply chain and human capital despite challenging economic conditions in the short- and long-term.