TBM’s CEO, John Ferguson, EVP, Dan Sullivan and practice leaders, Ken Koenemann and Shannon Gabriel, talk about how manufacturing companies can drive performance amid high inflation, a potential recession, continued supply chain disruption and tight labor market.

John Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer, TBM Consulting Group

John talks about what how inflation can impact operations and production planning and what companies should be doing in the short term to find efficiencies in operations and reduce costs.

Ken Koenemann, Vice President of Supply Chain and Technology practices, TBM Consulting Group

Ken explains how inflation is impacting suppliers, material costs, transportation costs and customer demand in the next 6-12 months. Listen to his perspective on better supply chain planning in the short and long term that can withstand tough economic conditions.  

Shannon Gabriel, Managing Director of Leadership Solutions, TBM Consulting Group

Shannon shares her perspective on the labor market over the next 6-12 months amid inflation and potential recession and how manufacturers should address the rising costs of employment and talent shortage.

Dan Sullivan, Executive Vice President, TBM Consulting Group

While high inflation will drive down demand and allow supply to catch up, companies will need to shift to a more competitive mind-set to win in this environment. This means improving lead times and consistently meeting service promises compared to the competition. Dan Sullivan explains how traditional operational excellence practices is the smartest, fastest, and most efficient way to win.