TBM’s Management System eBook for Leveraging Operational Excellence for Sustainable, Profitable Growth

Achieving Operational Excellence is a key driver of growth. It transcends mere cost reduction, empowering companies to seize opportunities, enhance customer satisfaction, and secure a competitive edge. However, what is challenging for many manufacturers is the ability to sustain any gains resulting from these initiatives.

The importance of operational excellence cannot be overstated, with Dr. Peter Ward of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business' Center for Operational Excellence underscoring it as vital. According to him, four fundamental subsystems form the foundation of sustained success:

  • Strategic
  • Daily Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • People Development

TBM developed the TBM Management System to measure and manage these essential operational elements. This methodical approach is designed to help organizations execute on and reach their strategic goals through holistic alignment and collaborative problem-solving, ensuring lasting success. 

This eBook delves into these subsystems, detailing how they contribute to maintaining operational improvements. 

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