Seven Issues & Potential Solutions for Packaging Manufacturers

As we look forward, survival and success during uncertain times means protecting cash flows and minimizing risks while maintaining resiliency and flexibility. In a dynamic situation such as this, leaders need a better than normal understanding of how the business is doing day-by-day.

Business leaders will need to make fast decisions and take advantage of opportunities that rise up. That will require resilience and intelligence from managers at all levels.

Accelerate knowledge gathering and decision making by leveraging analytics, operational dashboards and a disciplined management system. Building such capabilities and staying flexible during these times will strengthen packaging manufacturers’ market position, resilience and margins when we return to more normal times.

Packaging demand and the the product mix will continue to fluctuate. In this article we look at the operational issues triggered by the pandemic and policy responses.

Suggestions for successfully managing immediate and future growth challenges.  

  • Preparing for potential supply chain disruptions
  • Demanding bottom-line efficiency and profitability gains from new automation and digital manufacturing technology
  • Adopting a true stage-gate process to speed up new product development
  • Improving quality to protect revenues and margins
  • Leveraging a disciplined management system for responding to demand changes

Download the briefing "PACKAGING UPDATE: Operational Strategies for Navigating Dynamic Markets " to prepare for supply chain disruptions, adopt for digital manufacturing technology, protect margins, accelerate innovation, improve equipment maintenance, and effectively integrate acquisitions.