Take Your Next Performance Leap With Lean 4.0

If you’re a veteran lean manufacturing company that has already captured most of your surface-level performance improvement opportunity, then it’s time to dig deeper. A comprehensive and pragmatic approach to Lean 4.0 can help you unlock up to 20% more improvement and secure you next round of major gains.

Capture 20% More Improvement with Lean 4.0

Many manufacturers that have been on their lean journeys for some time have hit a plateau. New gains in performance, productivity, and quality are incremental. But operational leaders and executives know there are still significant improvements to be made. They are hungry for the next set of dramatic gains they've come to expect from lean.

Lean 4.0 can open the door to your next-generation operational improvements. It provides a way to get at the opportunities hidden in the inner workings of your manufacturing processes.

But there’s more to Lean 4.0 than capturing IIoT data. When it’s done right—through a comprehensive, "prove-and-move" approach focused on three critical areas—Lean 4.0 can generate up to 20% additional improvements in productivity, efficiency, cost per unit, and material and labor variances, leading to significant bottom line gains.

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Ken Koenemann, TBM Vice President of Technology and Supply Chain Practices, shares the TBM perspective on Lean 4.0 in this insightful new article and explains how a comprehensive, pragmatic approach to next-generation lean ensures the greatest business value.

In the article, you’ll learn more about the three critical tenants of Lean 4.0:

  1. Institutionalizing lean across the organization.
  2. Marrying lean culture with Industry 4.0.
  3. Adopting advanced technologies to understand and address areas of improvement opportunity in business processes.

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