Discover 3 Ways to Prevent Margin Erosion in Your Engineered-to-Order Business

Knowing what it is going to take to make a highly customized product before you actually make it means you have to know your processes really well. You need to be able to talk intelligently about time and money at any step in the process—even the early ones. A Lean 4.0 approach generates the accurate data and system connectivity that can help you do just that. You can estimate more confidently and ultimately make the money you plan to make.

In his latest article, Ken Koenemann, TBM’s Vice President of Supply Chain and Technology practices, shares insights from his work with a manufacturer of highly customized products. By guiding the company through its Lean 4.0 journey.

3 keys to improved estimating and margin protection:

  1. Correct, consistent, and usable data related to every step in the manufacturing process
  2. Connected systems for gathering, using, and managing the data
  3. Lean processes, aligned with systems, to ensure efficient execution

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