Discover 4 ways to fund supply chain resiliency with efficiency

If, like most middle-market manufacturing companies, the pandemic exposed weaknesses in your supply chain and caused a disruption in your business, you’ve responded by building up inventory or investing in other redundancies. These crisis-mode reactions cost money. And, they can’t be sustained long-term.

Now is the time to step back and consider new ways and processes to establish a secure yet cost-effective supply chain strategy.

In our newest article, TBM supply chain expert Brian Cromer talks you through four steps to balancing supply chain resilience and efficiency so you can meet your customers’ needs while controlling your cost to serve at the same time.

 4 steps to balancing supply chain resilience and efficiency:

  1. Understand your current total cost to serve
  2. Look end-to-end to identify all cost-reduction opportunities
  3. Introduce more robust controls to protect profit
  4. Invest in resiliency measures with the greatest return

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