A well-defined manufacturing maintenance solutions strategy is critical for operating efficiently while maximizing equipment availability. TBM helps you implement data-driven processes and develop the leadership capabilities needed to keep machines running, tap into full capacity, satisfy customer demand and control costs.

Equipment maintenance issues can derail your ability to profitably meet customer expectations.

When key industrial equipment keeps failing or underperforming, it’s difficult to consistently deliver on customer expectations without extensive overtime, rework, and scrap that cuts into your profits, disappoints customers, and could potentially compromise safety. Yet, many manufacturers lack a comprehensive equipment maintenance solutions strategy to optimize equipment availability and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). While they might be staffed with highly skilled mechanical technicians, rarely do they have maintenance leaders in place with the strategic and analytical skills needed to fully understand equipment health or to link equipment maintenance solutions practices and automation initiatives to the organization’s overall strategic initiatives. As a result, organizations pay the price in the form of overspending on materials, spare parts and labor, poor quality, and missed orders.

Maintenance Excellence protects the backbone of your operations.

As industry leaders in operational excellence consulting, TBM understands that capital-intensive organizations can’t achieve greater operational speed and agility without reliable, high-performing industrial equipment. That’s why manufacturing maintenance solutions are critical to our operations and industrial maintenance consulting services. We help your organization transition from a reactive maintenance approach to proactive, autonomous, preventive maintenance, and even predictive maintenance best practices that optimize asset utilization and enable you to turn out quality product on schedule. And we identify and implement the key maintenance roles, standard work, and audit business processes necessary to sustain your new plant maintenance practices.

At the same time, our manufacturing maintenance and industrial management consultants work to develop leadership team capabilities needed to oversee your preventive maintenance or predictive maintenance program and continue driving its success long-term. We provide problem-solving training along with support for leveraging business process rigor, data, and analytics to better optimize equipment health. By enabling leaders to better understand maintenance strategy and more effectively execute against it, TBM empowers your team to improve planning, budgeting, and spare parts stocking. We can also help with integrating facility maintenance with your equipment lifecycle planning and capital project process so your organization will be better prepared to maintain newly acquired assets and retire old ones.

From a thorough diagnostic through improvement planning, implementation, and evaluation, we help you achieve all facets of maintenance excellence.

Whether completing a comprehensive maintenance transformation or targeted project work, our manufacturing maintenance and improvement solutions begin with our 10-point maintenance diagnostic. We thoroughly assess your current state of plant maintenance, evaluate your approach, diagnose equipment maintenance trouble spots, and determine what process improvements and training are needed to achieve the ideal Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Based on findings, our maintenance and industrial management consultants develop custom improvement roadmaps with recommendations for new maintenance processes, leadership development, adoption of automation technologies, and strategies for measuring critical maintenance KPIs and evaluating plant maintenance improvements over time. We work with you at the point of impact to implement your go-forward maintenance strategy and prepare your leaders and staff to effectively execute the plan and sustain your new manufacturing maintenance excellence best practices long-term.

Increase enterprise value by maximizing equipment uptime and throughput.

Organizations that embrace strategic maintenance excellence position themselves to consistently meet customer expectations and have a competitive advantage while protecting their own profits. When you optimize industrial asset utilization, you drive up equipment availability and OEE, free up capacity, defer capital expenditures, and reduce or even eliminate a myriad of costs associated with major repairs, overtime, rework, scrap, and material losses. At the same time, you improve safety practices and OSHA compliance. When your maintenance leaders understand the maintenance strategy and their role in advancing operational and maintenance excellence, you gain greater peace of mind knowing the organization is well-prepared to meet current and future demand in the most efficient, profitable way possible.

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Our manufacturing maintenance solutions begin with our 10-point maintenance diagnostic. Download our diagnostic checklist to learn how we can help assess every area of your maintenance approach.

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