Your 4-Step COVID-Era Manufacturing Maintenance Strategy

No time or resources for a full-fledged maintenance effort during the pandemic? Adopt an interim strategy to get you through the crisis period, keep critical machines running, and prevent the serious consequences of putting off essential upkeep.

4-Step Interim Strategy to Tackle Manufacturing Maintenance in COVID Era

Keep up with critical maintenance during COVID-19 with an interim strategy.

With business resources more strained than usual, it’s easy to let investments in preventive and predictive maintenance slide. But there’s only so long you can get away with deferring critical upkeep before you run into a breakdown or create an unmanageable backlog of work and repairs.

The maintenance experts at TBM have devised a 4-step interim maintenance strategy for the pandemic period that can help you:

  • Focus on your most critical equipment
  • Do essential maintenance without shutting down lines
  • Take advantage of your downtime
  • Create a path to long-term maintenance excellence

Download the article, Tackling Maintenance in the COVID Era, to get the details on how to develop a highly-effective interim maintenance strategy.

In our newest article, TBM Maintenance Excellence Practice Leader, David Hicks, and maintenance team subject matter experts: Tony Fendyke, Jason Richardson, and John Alford, give sound advice and proven examples for making maintenance more doable during this challenging time. Our team outlines the advantages your organization can gain in the process, including laying the foundation for smarter long-term maintenance practices.

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