In this video, John Ferguson, the President and CEO of TBM Consulting, expresses his pride in leading the consulting team and shares why we are uniquely qualified to partner with manufacturing organizations around the world. 

TBM Consulting's unrivaled expertise, capabilities and approach will unlock the potential of your manufacturing operations, supply chain operations and human capital with speed! 

  • Our capabilities in lean manufacturing and our success in transforming private, public and Private Equity backed manufacturers worldwide.
  • We offer a complete suite of services to identify operational improvement opportunities and drive sustainable value creation.
  • We help private equity firms take advantage of opportunities with speed and optimize the return on every investment.
  • Our unmatched depth and expertise in manufacturing, supply chain and human capital excellence, sets us apart from other firms. We have a hands-on approach, working closely with clients on-site, on the factory floor, to achieve expected results.
  • We focus on speed, tailoring our approach to improve production, quality, and cost efficiencies.
  • We offer a defined management system approach that drives sustainable operational and financial results.
  • We establish a supportive and collaborative relationship with every client to facilitate change without disruption to help establish a lasting competitive edge, fostering organizational agility and success.

Our solutions are focused on your unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring customer-centricity.

Operational Excellence: Embrace agility for accelerated growth, where operational excellence entails more than cost reduction—it involves harnessing operations to enhance competitive edge and drive growth. Enable bottom-line growth rate twice as fast as your top line through heightened operational speed, agility, and responsiveness.

Leadership Solutions: Forge Human Capital Excellence to boost Operational Performance that undeniably leads to exceptional operational and financial outcomes. We empower your organization with innovative human capital strategies and tools that will help you become a world-class employer by cultivating an unbeatable team of operations and supply chain leaders and professionals.

Supply Chain Management: TBM facilitates the implementation of a multi-faceted supply chain strategy that balances the optimization of people, processes, and technology within the full value chain from supplier to customer, rapidly improving lead times and working capital while boosting margins up to 15%.

Private Equity: TBM partners with Private Equity firms around the world helping size up the full deal potential of investment opportunities in pre-deal operational due diligence efforts. In the post-deal phase, our consultants work with portco leaders on value creation initiatives to optimize operational and financial goals during the holding period.

TBM is committed to our clients' short and long-term success until expected results are met. Reach out to our experts today to explore how to get started!