Operational Leadership Gaps Could Stifle Your Ability to Become a High-Performance Organization

There are two areas in which most organizations find operational gaps in their leadership teams that support the overall achievement of results.

TBM CEO, Bill Remy, discusses what’s needed to become a high-performance organization and how we help organizations implement metrics, understand roles and responsibilities, mentor, and cross-train for better results and growth.

He mentioned, critical questions for each area you need to address:

1. Poor management systems and processes. 

  • Are we not cascading metrics properly?
  • Do we not understand the metric?
  • Do we know why we measure what we measure?
  • Are they aligned with the company metrics?

2. Operational leadership team skills and behaviors

  • Where do we need training and coching?
  • Do we need help leaders to develop or enhance their skills to give them a broader view of the business?