How the Right Operations Consultant Can Help You

Six Ways Operational Excellence Can Boost Financial Performance

Many organizations find that partnering with a qualified operations consultant can help them meet their operational goals faster and more effectively than they can on their own—and that the most significant returns are realized both in gross margin improvement and in revenue growth.

Six Things You Should Know About Your Operations Consulting Firm (Before Hiring Them)

Organizations that embrace Operational Excellence and focus on performance improvement are in the best position to realize sustainable gains in long-term value creation. They can often accelerate change and leverage the results to achieve long-term growth and competitive advantage.  The need for  Operational Excellence is clear, yet not all operations consultants are alike.

Before you engage an operations consulting firm for your value creation initiatives, evaluate their potential for success using our six-point checklist.  

Read the Infographic to learn:

  • Six ways Operational Excellence can boost financial performance, and
  • Six things you should know about your operations consulting firm before you hire them.

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Bill Remy is the former CEO of TBM Consulting Group and currently serves on the TBM Board of Directors. His career expertise includes deep knowledge of operational performance improvement, site transitions, acquisition integration, new product development and supply chain management.
Dan Sullivan is Executive Vice President and serves on the TBM Board of Directors. He leads the firm’s North American consulting operations. He is a coach at heart and is passionate about operational excellence, cultural change and results.
David Hicks is a lean leader and long-time quality professional. He currently serves as Vice President, Consulting in addition to his client management responsibilities.
Dave Pate is an experienced business leader with previous roles in plant management, planning and lean operations. He currently serves as Vice President, introducing new clients to TBM, cultivating long-term growth with current clients and on-boarding new clients.
Gary has over 25 years of experience as a global leader. He rejoined TBM after working as Vice President of Operations at ESAB. Gary currently leads TBM's Global Private Equity practice.
Ken Koenemann leads TBM’s Supply Chain and Technology practices and is currently leading new product development for TBM’s proprietary software business, Dploy Solutions.