Put a Supply Chain Control Tower in Place with 3 Basic Building Blocks

Supply chain control towers are the key to proactively managing supply chain delays, logistics challenges, and increasing costs. And they do not have to be complicated to be effective. Even the most basic supply chain control tower can help mid-size manufactures quickly gain new insights and visibility that will set the stage for better supply chain decisions today and advanced capabilities in the future.

In their collaborative article, TBM supply chain experts Chip Barth, and Brian Cromer, debunk the myth that effective supply chain control towers are out of reach for mid-sized manufactures. They demonstrate how even a basic control tower can give you the edge you need right now. And they show you how to start simple and advance your technologies—and the insights gleaned from them—over time.

Download this article to discover the “3 Building Blocks for an Effective Supply Chain Control Tower” and learn what it takes to get your tower up and running quickly.