An Interview with TBM Consulting: Digital Manufacturing Strategies, Analytics, The Labor Shortage, and The Leadership Gap

TBM consultant,Brian Cromer sat down with Generis Group, an organizer of high-level, industry-specific business events for senior executives, to discuss entry into the digital manufacturing era and how to address the long-term talent shortage.

The discussion provides best practices in preparing for and implementing digital technologies to ensure real value and ROI. We talked about how these technologies are playing a big part in maintenance programs and how to think creatively about the skills gap and manufacturing labor shortage. During the interview, we highlighted some innovative ideas and services that can help fill the gaps.

Download this Q&A to learn:

  • How should manufacturers think about, evaluate and implement digital technologies?
  • What kind of pre-implementation preparation is needed to get the most value out of these technologies?
  • What is a technology roadmap and how should it be developed and used?
  • What kind of preparation is necessary to get the most out of your digital manufacturing solutions?
  • What’s driving the talent shortage and what innovation solutions are happening in the market today?