Level Up Your Human Capital Strategies to Improve Hiring, Productivity and Profits

TBM Consulting Group will lead a session at this year's CAT Dealer Finance Conference on Human Capital Strategies to Improve Hiring, Productivity and Profits.

Increased demand for skilled technicians and high employee turnover are persistent challenges for many CAT dealers, with traditional methods of hiring and retention often falling short. However, there are innovative approaches that can lead to better talent acquisition and a more engaged and motivated workforce, reducing turnover, and boosting productivity.

Join us in this session hosted by TBM Client Manager, Jonathan Wheatley, and Vice President of TBM's Leadership Solutions Practice, Shannon Gabriel, as we share practical and actionable Human Capital strategies that have a proven track record of filling vacancies, improving tech productivity, and increasing profits for Cat dealers. We will discuss how:

  • Aligning innovative and effective acquisition strategies with talent management processes can reduce open requisitions by 25-50% within three months.
  • Conducting a change readiness assessment can produce deep insights into the factors that truly motivate your workforce - like how Thompson Tractor improved employee validation, increased tech productivity by 8%, and reduced rework claims by increasing their personal tool allowance.
  • Using Operational Excellence principles and training can transform your workforce and drive significant improvements in productivity and satisfaction - methods used by Thompson Tractor to improve on-time in line (OTIL) from 79% to 91% and last labor to close (LLC) from 13.5 days to 8 days or less.

Plus, hear the Thompson Tractor Success Story on how they:

  • Increased employee engagement scores from 56% to 88%
  • Improved tech productivity by 8%
  • Achieved a 5.7% improvement in PAD
  • Improved PBT by 23% (pts)

Don't miss this opportunity to take your dealership’s Human Capital strategies to new heights and pave the way for increased profits and sustained success.



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