Total Cost of Ownership

Get The Total Cost Picture

Our deep end-to-end experience in understanding income statements enables our team to map out all associated costs impacted by raw materials. Get a total cost picture that is connected to all functions and accelerates prioritization and buy-in from different functional owners.

Cost, Delivery and Inventory

Drive Cost, Delivery and Inventory Improvement

Make dramatic performance improvements that impact operations and customer satisfaction. We map out value streams and identify wastes in Spend, Payment Terms, Component Value Analysis and Value Engineering, Vendor Consolidation, Supplier Delivery and Quality. Then we link waste costs and opportunities for improvement to financials and key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Supplier Performance and Risk Reduction

Remove Inhibitors Toward Goal Achievement

Remove executional process gaps and any inhibitors of performance toward strategic goal achievement. We align company and operations objectives and link back to supply base requirements. Through our supply and supplier risk assessment our supply chain experts will uncover gaps in capacity, quality, asset management, purchasing/supply base, manufacturing management, warehouse management and product innovation and provide recommendations for improvement.

Shortage Management

Eliminate Shortages That Cause Ripple Effects

Permanently eliminate shortages that cause ripple effects in your company’s performance. TBM’s proven approach of mapping and pairing data allows us to connect operational inefficiencies, internal cost issues, and on-time delivery gaps. Then we articulate priorities, immediate impact and impending risk to drive the improvement plans.

Download the Sourcing and Procurement Info Sheet


Download the Sourcing and Procurement Info Sheet