What is needed to stop “fighting fires” and acquire the capabilities to grow and sustain your hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly gains?

Operations experts, David Hicks and Tim Nickerson from TBM, return to break down the most common causes of why plant floor manufacturers struggle to achieve daily targets and the impact a “fire fighting” culture has on productivity. In this 2nd of the 3-part Tiered Management System OnDemand webcast series, you’ll learn best practices to improve abnormality management practices, embed effective problem-solving methodologies, and solidify processes that consistently drive executional effectiveness, and increase visibility, accountability, and capacity.

On this webinar you will learn:

  • How a Daily Management System helps remove task overload
  • The roles, levels, and importance of Leader Standard Work practices
  • Common mistakes around Layered Audits and how to fix them
  • How Gemba Walks teach problem-solving skills and relieve production stress


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