A Pragmatic Guide for Combining Lean + Industry 4.0 to Transform Your Business

Go beyond surface-level lean and uncover your next major performance gains. By pragmatically combining lean practices with Industry 4.0 data, you will improve where it counts, increasing performance at every step. TBM’s Lean 4.0 approach to digital transformation helps manufacturers navigate Industry 4.0 in a way that is practical, affordable, and designed to quickly deliver quantifiable bottom-line profitability improvements.

Lean 4.0 offers the fastest, most accurate way to take lean, and your performance, to the next level. If your business is looking for its next major performance leap, this eBook will help you understand:

  • The 3 critical pillars of Lean 4.0 success
  • Why, how, and where automation fits into a lean approach
  • The value of a connected Lean 4.0 model for the factory, workforce, and supply chain
  • How to take a pragmatic Lean 4.0 approach that generates immediate results
  • What a successful Lean 4.0 journey looks like