Stop Inspecting For Quality — Start Building It.

Quality control and assurance activities that occur too late in the production process or rely excessively on a designated team of inspectors can lead to significant waste, rework, and increased labor costs, eroding profitability. 

To truly advance quality management, manufacturers must incorporate quality controls at that design phase, assess supplier risk in the planning stage, and instill a quality-centric mindset throughout the organizational culture, rather than just during final product inspection.

Our expert, Nero Haralalka, talks about how embedding quality at the design stage for medical device manufacturers is crucial for meeting compliance and operational standards, and also for safeguarding the health and safety of end users.

He also discusses the importance of cultivating a quality-centric culture to prompt an effort to embed a quality mindset within the company culture earlier in the product life cycle and 5 focus areas to transform quality culture successfully. 


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