Lean Makes a Massive Impact on Mine Construction Projects

Mining companies are increasingly using lean management methodologies to improve yields, increase responsiveness and build resilient organizations. These revolutionary work management practices can have an especially significant financial impact on mine construction and expansion projects. In this article, we describe the impact of lean practices on a massive mining construction project that was significantly off-track.

With long lifecycles and enormous amounts of capital at stake, most mine construction projects are completed late and run 43% over budget. In the article, TBM Vice President, Eduardo Spina and his colleagues, Daniel Anell, Oscar Castillo, Gustavo Tena, and John Ferguson explain how a lean approach to mine construction can ensure projects be completed on time and on budget.

Keys to success and share the results of a massive subterranean mine construction improvement project:

  1. How one mining company project went from running nine months behind schedule to being completed on time
  2. Methods and processes for doubling—then quadrupling—business productivity
  3. Keys for capturing gains and sustaining forward progress

Download the article, "Mining Construction: On Time, On Budget", to learn how mining companies can use lean management practices to increase excavation and extraction rates, eliminate delays and capture billions in revenue.