In the food processing industry, is all about enhancing efficiency using lean principles in food processing plants. What does “waste” mean in this context?

Integrating the Five Lean Principles and actively identifying and eliminating the Seven Deadly Wastes can transform the efficiency of food processing operations. 

In the food processing industry, customer value is multifaceted. Factors such as quality, safety, taste, and nutritional value, must be upheld throughout the production cycle. Lean management challenges organizations to align their processes to continuously improve customer value and ensure that every activity contributes to the end product that customers are willing to pay for.

In this article Food Industry Executive article, Tom Moore,  TBM’s Food & Beverage manufacturing expert, explains how to apply lean management in the food processing industry. It boils down to a suite of tools, techniques, and principles designed to root out inefficiencies and two foundational concepts:

  • Five Lean Principles, which guide the strategy and,
  • Seven Deadly Wastes, pinpointing where inefficiencies most commonly persist.


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