Employee engagement has reached an 11-year low after declining steadily since 2020.

This is happening while the market for employee engagement solutions grew by more than 15%. Clearly, there’s a disconnect. AI and automation can provide advantages when it comes to HR processes, but genuine employee engagement needs more than digital solutions.

Shannon Gabriel, Vice President of Leadership Solutions at TBM Consulting and Forbes Councils Member, shares her perspective on the importance of human interaction in company culture and why anyone expects software to be a suitable replacement.

5 reasons to focus on the human element when engaging with candidates and employees.

  1. The impression you set at the hiring stage is critical
  2. Digital feedback tools can discourage authenticity
  3. Automated performance reviews miss key opportunities
  4. Personal acknowledgment is more meaningful
  5. True connection trumps time saved

While digital engagement tools can help in some areas, building a trusting relationship with employees is key to creating a welcoming environment. By communicating with employees directly, creating a safe space to provide feedback and spending time providing recognition, you'll be more likely to improve your culture and generate greater retention and productivity overall.

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