Your Systematic Guide for Leveraging a Management System and Operational Excellence for Sustainable, Profitable Growth.

This new eBook is underwritten by TBM Consulting Group and produced in collaboration with Dploy Solutions. Achieve new levels of operational excellence with this "how to" manual for putting research into practice.

Operational excellence fuels growth. Much more than a cost-cutting strategy, it is what enables companies to respond to their opportunities, serve their customers better and increase their competitive advantage. Operational excellence is so critical to business success that the National Center for the Middle Market, a leading source of innovative research on the middle market economy, recently completed The Operations Playbook by the National Center for the Middle Market. The report found that while both mid- and large-sized companies are adept at making operational improvements, they lack the capabilities to sustain those gains.

Sustaining Your Operations Powerhouse - Management System eBook

New eBook: Sustaining Your Operations Powerhouse

We took the Center's research and recommendations a step further by showing companies how to put the best practices into action. Download the eBook and learn about the four operational subsystems and how the TBM Management System, along with Dploy Solutions Business Process Management (BPM) software, gives companies the structure, processes and tools they need to more effectively manage each of the operational systems and drive breakthrough performance.,