How Prepared are Manufacturers for Trade, Tax and Regulatory Changes

Special TBM Consulting and Aberdeen research report explores the potential impact of changes in proposed tax, regulatory and trade policy changes on manufacturers and their global supply chains.

While Optimistic About the Possibilities, Manufacturers Could Be More Prepared for Potential Trade Policy, Tax Reform and Regulatory Changes

U.S. manufacturing leaders are optimistic about a shift toward more business-friendly policy making. As a group, they anticipate a 1.8% increase in profits and a 1.6% revenue gain from proposed tax, regulatory or trade policy changes. That’s according to the 2017 Aberdeen Global Supply Chain Readiness Research Study, underwritten by TBM Consulting Group.

Our mission at TBM is to share a deeper understanding of global manufacturers’ strategic business challenges to help operations and supply chain leaders achieve growth and profitability objectives.  We want to show how operational managers can help companies survive downturns, support growth, and create a competitive advantage. 

The purpose of this research project was to investigate the potential impact of impending governmental trade policy, tax reform and regulatory changes on manufacturing companies, and find out how prepared they are for whatever could happen. There’s significant room for improvement. 

Supply Chain Report-Impact of Trade, Tax and Policy Changes


Download this research report to learn:

  • What policy changes manufacturing leaders think will have the biggest impact on their business.
  • What best-in-class companies are most concerned about.
  • The impact of current trade policies, and potential changes.
  • The gaps between supply chain priorities and capabilities.
  • The weak links in supply chain management: People, processes or technology?
  • Recommendations for navigating all of the unknowns and being ready for changes