Talent Risks that Undermine Growth, Investment Timelines and Returns

Private equity firms and their portcos are quickly finding that since the pandemic human capital has become the lynchpin upon which value creation either succeeds or fails. At a recent CEO Summit hosted by Tecum Capital, Shannon Gabriel, TBM’s Managing Director of Leadership Solutions was invited to discuss her change-readiness framework through which GPs and portco leaders can better understand the root cause of human capital issues that impact productivity and create a plan to resolve them.

This article, with commentary from Tecum Capital leaders, highlights her change-readiness approach and explores these critical areas that can often make or break the most ambitious growth initiatives:

  • Leadership capabilities & risks 
  • Organizational health & talent management 
  • Technical capabilities
  • Corporate culture 

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Thank you to Sean Edmonson, David Bonvenuto and Matt Harnett of Tecum Capital for contributing to this article.