Seven digital maturity questions to ask during operational assessments.

Digital technologies have become increasingly critical to achieving aggressive growth goals. Private equity firms should assess digital maturity in sales, engineering, and operations during the operations assessment and hone in on target companies that have an edge when it comes to identifying and capitalizing on growth. Digitally savvy manufacturing companies are better positioned to pinpoint growth opportunities and then, produce and deliver against them.

Specifically, digital capabilities across three areas of the business can help accelerate a PortCo's growth trajectory and ensure your investments pay off faster:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Engineering
  • Operations

TBM Technology and Supply Chain Practices VP, Ken Koenemann, joins forces with the TBM Private Equity Practice team in this new article to explain the advantages digitally-mature portfolio companies wield in today’s global environment. Then, they show you how and where to look for digital capabilities within a potential acquisition, outlining a list of seven critical questions to ask. Finally, they provide examples from our work with companies that have successfully used technologies to spur top-line growth.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  1. How to check for sales and marketing technologies that help portfolio companies identify their best sales opportunities and expedite the sales process.
  2. Where to look for digital engineering capabilities that help reduce lead times, eliminate errors, and ultimately drive more sales.
  3. Why operations technologies are a must for consistently delivering on promises and keeping the orders coming in.

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