10/14/2020  -  10/16/2020
Virtual Experience 2020
New York, NY

TBM Private Equity Practice leaders will participate in the conference and moderate a panel discussion with private equity operating partner experts
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TBM to participate in the conference and moderate a panel discussion with private equity operating partner experts.

The 2020 Private Equity International (PEI) Operating Partner conference is being carefully curated to address the most pressing topics facing private equity firms and their portfolio companies as we pass through and emerge from the global pandemic. The agenda will address a wide range of discussion topics ranging from value creation, digitization, supply chain disruption, human capital challenges, and more.

TBM will moderate a discussion of expert operating partner panelists, entitled, "The future of value creation and the operating partner model".

Topics to be addressed by the panel on Day 2 (October 15) at 11:40 AM: 

  • Analyzing the operating partner model post-COVID: how will the value creation recipe change?
    • Will the operating partner role in PE grow in numbers/importance?
    • Will operating partners with distressed/turnaround experience become more relevant? 
  • With the re-set of the current market’s growth curve, how do you generate more benefit from operational capability going forward?
    • Does the focus shift while the market recovers?  
    • Discussing firms’ different approaches in looking at the movement from generalist to specialists and the growing relevance of technology, digital marketing and ecommerce 
  • How will the operating partner role evolve:  
    • As more opportunities exist on both diligence and value creation with regard to turnaround/distressed businesses
    • Where growth is to be achieved and how we better link operational capability and growth.

Learn more about the PEI operating partner forum by visiting the PEI OPNY website .

Please contact Jeff Klapp if you would like to schedule a meeting with the TBM team during the conference. 

Here are some highlights from the forum last year:

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