TBM and Linak Demonstrate Best Practices for Lean Product Development in a Real-Life Setting

On Tuesday 6th October, TBM Consulting Group, in partnership with Linak A/S, hosted an Open Door Event in Denmark. Linak is an international company and a world leader in designing and manufacturing electric linear actuator solutions. The topic for the event was “Design for LeanSigma – How to Streamline the New Product Development Process”.

Lean product development is recognized as a critical approach for overcoming innovation challenges. Our "open door" event highlighted how Linak successfully applied TBM’s Design for LeanSigma methodologies to new product development projects in strategic alignment with client expectations and business goals. Attendees of the event participated in the following activities:

  • Linak Plant Tour
  • A presentation by Linak senior continuous improvement managers
  • Two interactive round table discussions on new product development: 1)  Speed the New Product Development Process to Manage Steady Growth”, and 2) “Managing New Product Development Projects with KPIs and Embedding a Problem Solving Culture
  • A group networking dinner with company executives and the TBM consultants who were engaged with new product development at Linak.

TBM worked with Linak's cross-functional teams to analyse the existing development process and to develop and implement a more streamlined new product development process which included the following elements:

  • Facilitated workshops for using lean and six sigma tools
  • Structured communications
  • A comprehensive training program for engaging all levels of the organization
  • Pilot projects facilitated by a TBM advisor for knowledge transfer

The result of this effort was effective project planning, reduced lead times and minimized rework due to collective decision making. Delegates on our Open Door Event were impressed with the site tour and the extensive visual management discipline in place at Linak. They were also engaged in the round table discussions which provided a platform for questions and answers, open discussion and frank debate.

Here is what attendees said about the event:

  • “I found the site tour relevant and insightful to my position”
  • “The discussion was well organized and professionally conducted”
  • “My Overall experience at this event was excellent”
  • “The round table discussion was very informative”
  • “I would definitely attend an event like this again”

Read the Linak Case study to learn more about their journey and their continued success with lean product development. TBM's Europe team is planning to host another Open Door event in 2016.  If you are interested in learning more about lean-based new product development or attending a future "Open Door" event, please contact Lisa Brakewell in our UK office:  lbrakewell@tbmcg.com.