Connect the Dots Between Human Capital & Operational Results

Operational shortfalls are easy to spot. But when the root causes for the problems come down to people—and they so often do—it’s easy to overlook the connection. By measuring, analyzing, and actively addressing human capital related issues, you can gain a sustainable advantage in 2021 and beyond.

Shannon Gabriel, Managing Director of TBM's Leadership Solutions practice, shares insight into uncovering the connection between human capital management and operational performance.

Key take-away ideas for rapidly putting your business back on the path to success:

  1. Three most overlooked causes of human capital issues affecting operational performance
  2. Which KPIs most clearly connect the dots
  3. Acquisition and retention initiatives that build a culture of operational excellence
  4. How to unwind pandemic-era policies that could have a negative impact in the future

Download the article to find out how you can make the necessary human capital management changes for driving sustainable operational performance improvements in 2021.

Learn four ways you can improve human capital management and operations performance fast. Download the article, “Making the Connection between Human Capital Management and Operational Performance”.