Jeff Baenen has over 20 years’ experience bringing clarity to business challenges and developing solutions to address them.  He is an experienced problem solver who works with corporate leaders helping them to implement operational improvements that drive sustainable, profitable growth and higher customer satisfaction.

Jeff works with both prime contractors, OEMs and tier suppliers on dramatically creating operational speed, flexibility and responsiveness in the areas of operations, supply chain management, human capital, technology adoption, and operating system implementation. He helps clients to identify and launch performance improvement initiatives in areas of new product development, engineering effectiveness, ramp-to-rate programs, MRO operations, supply chain management, factory redesign, product quality, test yields, capacity expansion, delivery performance and cost reduction.

He has direct career experience with improving performance at aerospace & defense companies making these products:

  • Ballistic missile defense and anti-ship missiles
  • Armored combat vehicles and weapons systems
  • Actuators for landing gear and control surfaces
  • Composites used for helmets and aerostructure components
  • Electronic warfare, sensor, and imaging systems
  • Mechanical and optical systems for satellites and space payloads
  • Flight deck, flight control and cabin systems for commercial aircraft
  • Metal fabrication of aerostructures, complex castings, and machined parts

Prior to joining TBM, Jeff worked as the industry lead for aerospace and defense at two other consultancies who specialize in operational improvement. He has built strong client relationships throughout the industry. Past clients include: BAE Systems, Parker Aerospace, Magellan Aerospace, Ball Aerospace, Gentex Defense, and GKN Aerospace.

Jeff is a member of multiple industry organizations including Association of the US Army (AUSA), Air Force Association (AFA), Army Aviation Association of America (Quad A), The Navy League, and National Defense Industries Association (NDIA).

He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Oregon.