Formal Management System Leads to Sustainable Gains

A Formal Management System Leads to Sustainable Gains and Long-Term Profitable Growth.

Research Says Management System is Key to OpEx Sustainment

A research study from the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) revealed that over two-thirds of firms struggle to sustain operational improvements--both large and small. 

The NCMM defines middle market as companies up to $1 billion in size.  These companies are the workhorse of our economy.  They are often under resourced and unable to throw additional resources at growth.  The NCMM research study finds four operational sub-systems provide a framework and structure for sustaining operational excellence. We believe that a management system approach can significantly help organizations leverage those gains for long-term profitable growth.   

What you'll learn from this infographic:

  • You're not alone - lots of companies struggle to sustain.
  • What are the four strategic sub-systems that will improve your ability to improve and make improvements stick
  • What benefits you would expect from each of the four strategic sub-systems
  • A link to download a comprehensive eBook that provides suggested actions and expected outcomes when all four sub-systems are embraced and executed.

Read the Infographic:  A Formal Management System Leads to Sustainable Gains and Long-term Profitable Growth.