The Next Black Swan Event is Out There. It’s Time to Be Resilient. 

Like one-hundred-year floods, Black Swan events, a term used to describe unforeseen occurrences with a severe impact, have become increasingly common with consequences for global supply chains. Covid and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are two such events that derailed the global movement of goods and parts for finished products, affecting a wide range of manufacturers and distributors. Outlier events like the December 2022 US freight railway strike and now, heated tensions over Taiwan, should remind business leaders to regularly anticipate, and plan for any unforeseen disruptions to the global supply chain.

In this article in Supply Chain World, TBM’s CEO John Ferguson and VP of Supply Chain and Technology Practices, Ken Koenemann discuss how to be resilient enough to manage through these unforeseen disruptions. If companies can’t plan for it, they must be ready for whatever comes their way. 

Download this article for three critical focus areas to weather these challenges.