3 Keys to Rapidly Improving Your Talent Situation 

It’s hard for manufacturers to fill shop floor positions and even harder to keep them filled. This is causing recruiters to work much harder than they should to keep lines staffed, keep production rolling, and meet rising customer demand. 

Leadership Solutions Managing Director, Shannon Gabriel, looks beyond the headlines and into the real culprits causing manufacturers to feel so much pain in the talent department right now. In her latest article, she lays out three essential steps that manufacturers need to take to quickly turn around the talent situation. And she discusses how HR and operations must work together to address the bigger talent picture and to ultimately find, and keep, the right people for shop floor jobs. 

3 Keys to Addressing Talent Challenges:

  • Address cultural issues that could be leading to high attrition and undermining your recruiting efforts.
  • Establish compensation and promotion practices that motivate people to join and stay on your team. 
  • Go after overlooked pools of talents who can help you get the job done.

Download the article “Reframe Your Talent Challenge: Fix the Revolving Door First” to learn what’s undermining your recruiting and hiring programs and what you can do to quickly reduce open requisitions and high turnover rates.