Seize the Day: How to Embrace the Golden Opportunity in U.S. Manufacturing

A three-pronged approach to capacity building that incorporates flexible daily management, human capital strategies, and technology can help you maximize your output fast.

Three ways to accelerate capacity even when it's difficult to find people.

It’s never been harder for manufacturers to keep their lines staffed. If you’re like many businesses, every day is a fire drill as you adjust your workload on the fly depending on who shows up for each shift.

But with opportunity knocking as more U.S. businesses bring manufacturing closer to home, now’s the time to adopt proven human capital management strategies for building capacity as quickly as possible.

Download the article “Seize the Day:  How to Embrace the Golden Opportunity in U.S. Manufacturing” to discover a multipronged approach for meeting increasing demand.

In this collaborative article, the TBM experts in leadership, technology, and operational excellence come together to give companies a holistic approach for increasing output and tackling capacity challenges from every angle. Our team shows you how to successfully:

  1. Develop variable staffing models and standard work combinations so you are ready to work as efficiently as possible with the team you have each day.

  2. Improve your talent management systems to attract, train, and retain skilled employees.

  3. Do more with less through operational excellence and automation solutions that help reduce your operation’s dependence on people.