Digital Technologies Mid-Market Factories Need Post-COVID

The disruptions of 2020 made it impossible to ignore issues of visibility, variability, and velocity that make the difference between success and failure when an organization needs to adapt rapidly. Investing in manufacturing and supply chain modernization is now a practical necessity.

Manufacturing Technologies Plants Need Now to Keep Up

Now is the time to invest in applying digital tools to manufacturing and supply chain, not only because of today’s unpredictable environment but for long-term success.

For manufacturers, the myriad supply chain, labor, and operational disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic have revealed both strengths and weaknesses. Those who have invested in efficiency and organizational agility are weathering the storm better. Don’t wait for the next crisis before equipping your company to respond to whatever the future may bring.

Download our article, Keeping Up with COVID-19: The Digital Manufacturing Technologies Every Plant Needs Right Now, to understand the three challenges of modern manufacturing:

  • VISIBILITY: the ability to see what is going on in your business.
  • VARIABILITY: the ability to cope with change in supply, demand, and other variables in the market and your own operations.
  • VELOCITY: speed in all its forms, from the ability to respond quickly to the speed of production to meet demand.

In the latest article from our operations and technology experts, Bill Remy, John Ferguson, and Ken Koenemann explain how digital technologies for manufacturing and supply chain address all three challenges. If budgets are tight, start by maximizing the use of the data you already have readily available. Meanwhile, once exotic technologies incorporating artificial intelligence are becoming more affordable and accessible. You can invest in a more comprehensive digital system as budget allows.

The one thing you can’t afford to do is nothing.

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