One of the surprising impacts of the pandemic was the millions of people who left their jobs leaving the talent market even more complicated than before. Despite the many people who left their jobs, now known as the ‘Great Resignation’, companies are still challenged with attracting and keeping top talent to get business performance back to pre-pandemic days.  Shannon Gabriel, Managing Director of Leadership Solutions Practice at TBM Consulting Group, talks about retaining top talent amid the ‘Great Resignation’ and diversifying the talent pool. Hosted by Bloomberg Markets, Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Radio, they discuss with Shannon:

  • Why has it been so difficult to attract and retain talent?
  • Why companies go through a right sizing process within their workforce?
  • What are the drivers for attracting and retaining talent?
  • Should companies evaluate their compensation structure?
  • Is remote or hybrid working here to stay and what does that mean for factory floor workers?

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