TBM Consulting Group Global Manufacturing Survey Results on the Role of Operational Readiness in Growth and Profitability

Most organizations view operations as an asset that reliably delivers annual efficiency gains and is responsive to changing market conditions and customer needs. As the responses to this 2015 Operational Readiness survey suggest, the biggest gaps between organizational priorities and the ability to achieve them are: improving overall alignment of the operating activities to the corporate goals and objectives, creating additional capacity, and measuring and managing the operations function’s performance. Over two-thirds of respondents expressed concern that they needed to align talent and skills with the changing skill sets needed to achieve their strategic objectives. As a result, talent recruitment, development and training are a priority at all levels of the operational organization.

TBM Consulting Group conducted a survey of executives and senior operations leaders in global manufacturing organizations with revenues ranging form $100 million to $5 Billion (USD).  The purpose was to identify specific issues and challenges experienced by these companies and to better understand how and why Operational Readiness is viewed as a contributor to strategic objectives for growth and profitability. 

Operational Readiness Plan - Research Report cover

Report highlights:

  • Operations is generally seen as an asset to the organization because it tends to consistently deliver annual efficiency gains, meet its objectives and is responsive to changing customer needs and market conditions.
  • The greatest opportunities for improvement in the operations organization are soft skills and knowing how to convert lean improvements into clear financial gains.
  • Leadership development and training are a focus at all levels of the operations organization.

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