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To say that we live in “interesting times” is the ultimate understatement (global market meltdown, anyone?). But if you’re running a business, it’s not enough to keep track of the turmoil; you have to stay ahead of it all. Maybe that’s why Twitter attracts so many forward-thinking executives and management teams. It’s a fast, easy way to connect with important management trends, topics and events as they happen—all of which can help guide your decision-making and inform your own point-of-view.

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A quick look at some of our of our most popular tweets and blog posts this summer will give you an idea of what you may have been missing.

In June, for example, we touched on everything from optimizing machinery in Food & Bev manufacturing to the whats, hows and whys of strategic growth and optimizing Continuous Improvement initiatives.

In July, we explored new ways to optimize human capital and get innovative products to market faster than ever before.  We talked to CEOs about what it means to lead an organization under even the most adverse conditions—and what can happen if you don’t.

And if behind-the-scenes insight is what you’re after, we offered that, too: real world case studies that walk you through actual “lean” transformations step by step, all accompanied by some very impressive results.

For anyone who still needs to ask “Why Twitter?” here are some statistics worth talking about: Twitter now has 316M users—and half a billion tweets are sent each and every day by the most engaged user population in the world.

We’re excited to be a part of it, and invite you to join us! Don’t wait another day to follow TBM on Twitter, your source for the most relevant news, information and updates to help you accomplish more for your organization.